6 Trends in Home Exteriors

Home exterior design trends constantly evolve with high-contrast looks that boost curb appeal and lend visual interest to your home. As your Ohio premium home builder, we’re excited to share the top six home exterior trends for 2023.

So, if you’re looking for ways to spruce up your home’s exterior, these 6 trends in home exteriors can give your property an instant facelift and make a great first impression when visitors come knocking.

1. Mixing Textures and Natural Materials

One of the most significant trends in modern home exteriors is the innovative use of mixed materials to create visually compelling, multi-textured facades. Combining elements such as brick, stone, wood accents, and even metals such as copper accents is becoming increasingly popular among luxury homeowners.

The integration of mixed materials into home exteriors offers many benefits. Firstly, it creates depth and dimension in the building’s appearance, making it more engaging and visually dynamic. This enhancement can add substantial value to the property and contribute to its marketability in competitive real estate markets.

Furthermore, mixing materials allows homeowners to showcase their individual styles by selecting different textures, colors, and patterns that truly represent their tastes and preferences. It also provides a perfect opportunity for designers and architects to demonstrate creativity. They can blend traditional materials with modern accents or find new ways to incorporate conventional components in innovative ways.

Mixing Textures and Natural Materials

2. Bold Exterior Paint Colors

Recently, luxury homeowners have been breaking the traditional mold by experimenting with audacious and vibrant exterior paint colors, infusing their houses with unique personalities. The once-popular limited color palettes for home exteriors have been replaced by a broader spectrum of choices that accommodate various design preferences.

Today’s exterior home trends showcase a range of refreshing and captivating colors. Moody blues create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a modern coastal retreat or for those who prefer calming surroundings. Earthy greens bring a balance between nature and architecture, complementing homes nestled in lush landscapes or built on eco-conscious designs.

Dark grey trim adds a touch of subtle elegance to any home, while deep reds and russet oranges for garage doors provide striking contrasts – sure to capture the attention of passers-by. With such a diverse array of hues, today’s homeowners can customize their exteriors to reflect personal tastes and make a statement.

However, it’s essential to consider how specific colors may enhance or detract from your home’s architectural features and curb appeal. Depending on the design elements present, some colors may work better than others to bring out the best in your property.

When selecting exterior shades and accent colors, keep in mind the impact they will have on your home’s overall feel.

For instance, lighter shades evoke an airy and spacious ambiance that is optimal for homes on sun-drenched coastlines or urban sanctuaries that strive to establish a heightened sense of space. Darker tones imbue sophistication and depth – making them ideal for stately homes with intricate detailing or those wishing to make an intentional visual impact.

Bold Exterior Paint Colors

3. Smart Home Technologies

In recent years, the rapid growth of technology has led to the emergence of smart homes. However, this is not restricted to the use of interior gadgets alone. It now encompasses exterior home trends as well.

Seamless automation, low maintenance, and added convenience are among the benefits of incorporating high-tech solutions into your exterior home design. Intelligent devices such as smart cameras, doorbells, and lighting solutions enhance a home’s safety and security and provide real-time access and control.

Smart cameras offer high-definition surveillance capabilities, intelligent motion detection and facial recognition features. These enable homeowners to monitor their property efficiently, receive alerts in case of suspicious activity, and take appropriate action if necessary.

Smart lighting solutions have also gained immense popularity due to their energy-efficient designs and ability to provide customizable lighting experiences based on individual preferences or specific occasions.

From timed schedules that can be adjusted remotely to colored mood settings, these devices create an inviting atmosphere while simultaneously bolstering home security.

Another noteworthy addition to the exterior smart home arsenal is innovative irrigation systems. These systems intelligently adapt to weather forecasts and automatically adjust watering schedules, ensuring optimal plant health while conserving water resources.

Some systems even allow users to monitor irrigation remotely via smartphone applications, proving incredibly beneficial in managing environmental friendliness and aesthetical appeal.

Smart Home Technologies

4. Natural Light and Glass Features

Natural light is a must-have in luxury homes right now, and the use of glass features has surged exponentially! Large windows, sliding glass doors, and even outdoor living spaces encased in glass provide an abundance of light while allowing you to marvel at sprawling views, beautiful sunsets, and dazzling sunrises. Additionally, incorporating glass into the exterior design makes your home feel more spacious and open.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, incorporating glass into a home’s exterior design creates an illusion of increased space and openness, vital for properties with limited square footage. Clever use of glass can visually enlarge areas while maintaining optimal levels of natural light.

Natural Light and Glass Features

5. Green and Sustainable Homes

One of the most notable home exterior trends for 2023 is sustainability. Extending beyond eco-friendly appliances, the materials used in the construction of your home are now among the key factors influencing contemporary exterior design choices.

Lightweight solar panels, green roofs, and rainwater harvesting systems are contemporary eco-friendly exterior design trends that homeowners, architects, and designers have brought into the conversation.

For example, technologically advanced, lightweight solar panels reduce the home’s carbon footprint and generate clean, renewable energy that can lead to significant long-term cost savings on electricity bills.

Rainwater harvesting systems have also gained popularity recently as a sustainable means to conserve water resources. These systems collect rainwater from rooftops and store it for later use in watering gardens or flushing toilets – reducing the demand for fresh water and minimizing the environmental impact of home water consumption.

As sustainability continues influencing contemporary exterior design choices, homeowners can confidently create stunning, eco-friendly spaces that benefit their wallets and our planet.

Green and Sustainable Homes

6. Indoor – Outdoor Living Spaces

Contemporary home buyers crave a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, blurring the lines between where one environment starts and the other ends. Integrating cozy outdoor patios, stunning gardens, and sophisticated pool areas has become vital in creating an overall luxurious experience for homeowners.

Outdoor patios cater to relaxation, conversation, and al fresco dining, while verdant gardens evoke serenity and connection with nature. Additionally, sophisticated pool areas enhance at-home leisure by providing a refreshing oasis and a space for fun activities.

To further elevate the overall luxurious experience, architects and designers incorporate features like floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, and seamless transitions from indoor flooring to outdoor decking. Integrating modern technology such as smart home automation systems enables homeowners to conveniently control outdoor lighting, sound systems, and climate settings – paving the way for an effortlessly opulent lifestyle.

When designed well, these spaces provide endless possibilities for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet moments with family.

Indoor - Outdoor Living Spaces

Bring Your Exterior Home Trends to Life

As a homeowner, it is essential to stay informed about current trends to ensure that the investments you make in your property are both stylish and functional. This blog’s six exterior house trends are perfect examples of what’s on-trend in today’s real estate market.

We hope they serve as an excellent starting point to guide you as you embark on your journey to find the perfect style, function, and curb appeal for your home.

Whichever of these 6 trends in home exteriors resonates with you most, collaborate with experienced luxury homebuilders like the team of experts at Rockford Homes, who can bring your vision to life and create a living space tailored to your needs and tastes.

Bring Your Exterior Home Trends to Life

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