Rockford Homes How-To Videos

Rockford How-To Video Series

How to Shut off Your Main Water Valve

How to Check Your Sump Pump

How to Spackle Your Drywall for Hole Repairs

How to Choose and Apply Caulking

How to Adjust Your Door Threshold

How to Perform Maintenance on Breakers, GFCI, and Disposals

How to Change Your Furnace Filter

How to Select and Apply Paint

How to Repair Concrete Cracks

How to Seal Asphalt Driveways

How to Grade Your Yard

How To Make Interior Door Adjustments

How To Properly Operate Tilt-Out Windows

How To Re-light Your Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

How To Make Exterior Door Adjustments

How To Make Your Garage Door Function Properly

How To Maintain a Functioning Kitchen

How To Clean Your AC Condenser

How To Adjust Your Cabinet Doors

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