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FloorplanSchoolsCommunityLot #AddressCity/AreaBedBathSqr. Ft.GarageStage (1-8)List PriceSale Price
BarclayGranville SchoolsWillow Bend13696241 Willow Bend DriveGranville, OH 4302342.52,3582 Car2 - Foundation503,100493,100
PalmerFairbanks LocalJerome Village Meadowlark22058958 Hawk Hill WayPlain City, Ohio 4306432.51,8052 Car2 - Foundation514,575504,575
RichmondTeays ValleyFoxfire34435 Bethpage Blvd.Commercial Point, OH 4311642.52,8452 Car2 - Foundation492,260482,260
BradfordGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Estates N1621630 Silverlawn DriveGrove City, Ohio 43123532,9753 Car2 - Foundation622,265612,265
BrentwoodOlentangy SchoolsWinterbrooke Place1383080 Maple Crest DriveLewis Center, OH 43035532,7112 Car3 - Framing624,180614,180
CedarOlentangy SchoolsHarvest Curve57613974 Autumn Grove DrivePowell, Ohio 4306554.53,9253 CarSOLD847,640837,640
BradfordOlentangy SchoolsWinterbrooke Place13801242 Sage Hill DriveLewis Center, OH 43035532,9832 Car3 - Framing626,425616,425
BradfordBig Walnut SchoolsRolling Hills1331307 Cypress Point DriveSunbury, OH 4307442.52,9463 Car4 - Plumbing632,655622,655
RichmondFairbanks LocalJerome Village Meadowlark20738937 Meadowlark DrivePlain City, OH 4306442.52,9422 Car5 - Electric610,715600,715
BrentwoodGranville SchoolsWillow Bend13692257 Willow Bend DriveNewark, Ohio 4305542.52,6623 CarSOLD585,725575,725
BrentwoodOlentangy SchoolsClark Shaw Moors75624004 Moors Edge LanePowell, OH 4306542.52,6972 CarSOLD597,200587,200
BarclayJonathan Alder SchoolsThe Run at Hofbauer Preserve292553 Hofbauer RoadPlain City, OH 4306442.52,5742 Car6 - Drywall545,725535,725
PalmerDelaware SchoolsTerra Alta13699120 Arezzo CourtDelaware, OH 4301532.51,7762 CarSOLD523,090513,090
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve12A1736 Brookfield LaneGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 CarSOLD453,680433,680
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve12B1730 Brookfield LaneGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 Car6 - Drywall443,460423,460
WellingtonJonathan Alder SchoolsThe Run at Hofbauer Preserve282593 Hofbauer RoadPlain City, OH 4306442.52,0432 CarSOLD469,775459,775
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve11B1716 Brookfield LaneGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2542 Car5 - Electric443,460423,460
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve11A1722 Brookfield LaneGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 Car5 - Electric442,135422,135
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve10B1702 Brookfield LaneGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 Car6 - Drywall453,460433,460
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve10A1708 Brookfield LaneGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 Car6 - Drywall442,135422,135
RichmondDublin City SchoolsJerome Village Sagebrush20279070 Gardenia DrivePlain City, OH 4306442.52,9102 CarSOLD654,910644,910
BrentwoodJonathan Alder SchoolsMitchell Highlands1310128 Durham CourtPlain City, OH 43064532,6393 CarQuick Move-In640,430599,600
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve19B1684 Withers Grove LoopGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 CarQuick Move-In442,280422,280
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve19A1690 Withers Grove Loop Grove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 CarQuick Move-In441,945421,945
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve13A1687 Withers Grove LoopGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 CarQuick Move-In437,550417,550
FillmoreGrove City SchoolsMeadow Grove Reserve18B1670 Withers Grove LoopGrove City, OH 4312332.52,2552 CarQuick Move-In426,975406,975

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