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First Floor Owner's Suite

First Floor
Owner’s Suite

Homes with the owner’s suite on the first floor have been gaining in popularity as homeowners realize just how convenient it can be. Whether it’s added privacy from your guests or children on the upper floor, or simply not having to traverse uneeded steps, the first floor owner’s suite can be a highly convinient floor plan option. Should you ever decide to sell your home, homes featuring a first floor owner’s suite tend to be very sought after and truly retain a higher resale value, making this type of floor plan a wonderful investment for you and your family.

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For those who love ranch-style homes, Rockford Homes has a diverse selection to choose from throughout Central Ohio. For first-time home buyers, ranch home plans can be a truly economical solution. And should there be kids in the future, having everyone on one floor, not worrying about stairs, makes for convenient – and safer – living. There’s a reason why 55+ communities offer predominantly ranch-style homes. For those who want a ranch home but don’t want to live in a 55+ community, Rockford Homes has a great selection of ranch home plans available in many wonderful communities throughout central Ohio.

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Condominium Home Style


Condos come with many benefits but, they aren’t for everyone. Whether you should buy a condo comes down to where you are in life and your preferences. One of the primary advantages of living in a condo is that there are no exterior maintenance responsibilities. While homeowners are busy mowing their lawns, trimming hedges, and cleaning gutters condo owners are busy hanging out at the pool, taking trips, or just relaxing! Another benefit for those who are social butterflies is condos are much closer in proximity to one another than single family homes. There are also more units in a given area. This creates a level of closeness that doesn’t exist in large subdivisions. Since condos tend to attract people of similar backgrounds and interests, there’s a greater likelihood of co-mingling.

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For those wondering what the difference is between modern split level homes and multi-level home designs, essentially they’re the same. Either can have multiple floors, with the stairs either running half flights, or full flights, from one living level to another. Our multi level home designs offer a variety of options.

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Multi-Level Home Style


We offer a wide variety of 2 story floor plans throughout Columbus and Central Ohio. If you’re looking for some of the best 2 story floor plans home builders in Columbus Ohio have to offer, check out our award-winning designs. We have many open floor plan designs with gourmet kitchens. Your new home will be in some of the best school districts in Central Ohio, and in neighborhoods where kids can make new friends from day 1. What’s better than being able to walk, or ride, down the streets of a safe neighborhood to play with the neighbors’ kids for an afternoon?

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