Spring Time Décor for your Home

A warming in the air, a softening of the earth tell you it’s spring, and we want our homes to be part of the renewal! But where to start? Here are some simple ideas that are as fresh as forsythia.

The entry of most homes can be spiffed up by a quick polish of the porch light, clearing dead leaves around the porch, and giving the welcome mat a good shake. Some color around the front step can pop from a newly planted bed of pansies, a blossoming hydrangea, or a tulip wreath on the door.


Now step out with your camera in hand and look back at your place. Take a few images of the roof and trim, zooming in for signs of rippling, mold, or missing shingles where you can’t see up close with the naked eye. Then take off on foot around your place. Are the gutters and downspouts clear and draining away from the house? Is the siding, wood trim, or brick in good repair? Remember, spring brings rain, often lots of it. Screens and caulking (which can shrink in cold weather) should be ready for weather that gets frisky. And bugs awaken in this season, so check for termite tubes and standing water loved by mosquitoes.


Step back inside and roll up your sleeves to refresh the place. A spring cleaning may be in order. First, de-clutter to simplify the space.  Coats may need to go to the cleaners and then storage. Paperwork must be filed away so surfaces can shine–with a quick call, you can cancel unsolicited catalogs and other unwanted mail. Look up to dust out light fixtures and ceiling fans, look down to toss the throw rugs in the wash–or toss them altogether, in favor of smooth floor. And as you do, give the baseboards a wipe-down.

Remember to clean your home workspace, perhaps adding some pastel accents to lighten the mood there. The bedrooms are sometimes freed from winter doldrums by going with all-white bedding and accessories, and always with a lovely diffuser or candle fragrance. Go all-out in the kitchen by painting the cabinets or take baby steps with new dish towels pretty enough for display.

The Look

Take note of the light and color in your home. Perhaps you can swap heavy curtains for something sheer, or some crisp blinds. Is it time for a fresh coat of paint in the living room, guest bath, or dining area? Maybe you are already settled with grey walls, or a big brown leather sectional set but pairing the grey with pussy-willow pink trim or the dark seating with daffodil-yellow pillows, a seafoam aqua rug, or a lightweight magenta throw can send a breath of fresh air into the space.

Why not add a daring lamp to update your home? Potted plants, rattan, feathers, or crystals make your atmosphere natural, while a bold new occasional table or chandelier will dazzle without adding competing colors to your palette. Now–welcome, spring!

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