How to Create the Ultimate Home Office

​A home office is no longer just a luxury! For many people, it is often now a requirement. As more companies allow employees to work remotely or require long hours of work outside the office, it’s important to have a dedicated home office space that is both functional and comfortable. Here are a few tips for setting up the ultimate home office!

Choosing the Location

It is important when choosing the location of your office, that you choose somewhere private or semi-private to keep you clear from distraction. Even if you are working at home alone during the day, it is psychologically beneficial to be able to “close the doors” at the end of your workday to keep a home and work balance.

Many of Rockford’s home floor plans include a dedicated den or office space that we can help tailor to your needs.

You can also make a dedicated space in a spare bedroom, a flex room, a finished basement, or in a tucked-away corner of your living space. If you are dealing with a small space, here are some great ideas for making the most out of it:

Creating A Home Office You Love to Be In

Whether you are working in your office 50 hours a week or a couple of hours at night, you will want to make the office space as pleasant for you as possible. The more you love your space, the more enjoyable your time there will be.

The luxury of a home office versus a corporate office is you can truly make it your own. Choose a color scheme that speaks to you. Do you love the relaxing hues of blues? Or does a bright yellow make you feel happy while you are answering emails? Choose your scheme and go with it. No stuffy corporate branding guidelines here! Make a space that fits your tastes and your workstyle.

The Right Furniture

Choose your furniture wisely. If you work from home, you will be spending a large portion of your day using this furniture. You want your desk to be functional and provide enough space for your electronic equipment, working space, and storage.

You also want something that will make your day as comfortable as possible. Choose a desk that is a good height for you while you are typing at your computer. Is there enough space to move without bumping your legs? Would you work best with an adjustable desk that can move to a standing position? Retailers such as Wayfair offer several options for easily convertible desks.

This is your opportunity to really think about how you work best and how you can make the best possible set up. Do you like to enjoy a cup of coffee while you work in the morning? Make sure your desk provides enough space to place your cup within reach. Are you left or right-handed? Will you have space next to your computer to take notes? Do you need multiple screens? Do you prefer a corner desk? These are all things to consider when choosing the right furniture. If space is a concern, you can still make smart choices to meet your needs in your given space.

Even if you enjoy standing while working, you may also want to choose a chair that you would be comfortable sitting in for the length of your workday. Having an achy back can be very distracting, poor posture and bad support are also bad for your overall health. You’ll probably want to choose something a little more advanced than your old kitchen table chair.

There are many ergonomic office chairs available on the market such as these by Humanscale that are designed for optimal comfort.

Improving Efficiency

An organized and clean workspace is an efficient one. Organize your home office just as you would if you shared a cube. Keep things simple and uncluttered. Don’t spread work all over your house. Use files and organization bins to keep items organized and easy to find. Not only does this help keep your home and office looking good, but it also helps eliminate distractions.

Separation of Work and Home

Keep work in the office and non-work items out of the office whenever possible. Placing the laundry basket next to your desk only serves as a nagging reminder that you have multiple things to do. Focus on your immediate tasks, not what is happening around the house. Do you fall into the snack trap when you walk into the kitchen? Keep a work snack at your desk instead.

Inspirational Decor

Part of making your space your own is finding what inspires you. You don’t have to be in a creative profession in order to benefit from inspiration. A simple family photo can do wonders for your mood and serve as a reminder of who these hours of work are benefiting. Maybe you enjoy traveling and having photos of your travels provides a temporary escape from a stressful workday. Choose whatever works for you and make it your own. Having the ultimate home office is all about creating a space that is best for you!

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