What time of year is the best for a new home build?

Most builders consider spring or summer the best times to build a house. However, the time of year that’s best for you will depend on where you live and the climate in your area. You may be able to begin residential construction during a very mild winter season if you live in the south or southwest of the country.

Note, though, that building technology is progressing all the time. Weather conditions don’t restrict home construction as they once did. Technologies are bringing down construction costs and giving homeowners more flexibility when they start building.

What Are The Benefits Of Building A Home In The Spring?

Here are just a few reasons why building a home in the spring is better than other times of the year.

It’s The Off Season So You Have Lower Construction Costs

Builders aren’t in so much demand in the spring. While it is a popular time to start the construction process, it is not quite as busy as the summer. Therefore, general contractors are more likely to be available and able to supply building materials on time.

It Offers Optimum Weather Conditions

Weather delays are super annoying. But spring offers the optimal time to start the building process. Weather patterns may be good enough to allow a dry-in phase, where work begins on the interior before the exterior construction is complete.

You Can Extend The Building Season If You Want

Spring also lets you extend the building season significantly if you run over. When you begin building in, say, April, you have many months before the ground freezes. The same is not true in the fall, which is an important consideration.

You Get Your Contractor’s Undivided Attention

Lastly, spring means you get your contractor’s undivided attention. Builders are in less demand and unlikely to be working on other projects at the time as yours. Starting early lets you take advantage of cool temperatures while keeping the cost low.

What Are The Benefits Of Building A Home In The Spring?

Are There Other Times Of Year When Home Construction Makes Sense?

There are, of course, other times of the year when it makes sense to build a new house.

A Very Mild Winter Season

If you have warm winter seasons or unusually mild weather conditions, you might want to start construction between December and January. Cooler weather with no snow is a great time to begin work, including preparing the soil, digging the foundation, and ordering all the materials to the site. It’s also a quiet time of year when builders have fewer projects, potentially saving money because of less demand.

The Summer

Weather patterns are also favorable in the summer. In fact, it is traditionally the most popular time of year to build a home. The downside is that builders are usually in high demand and, in some cases, it can be too hot for the construction crew.

Are There Other Times Of Year When Home Construction Makes Sense?

Can You Build In Fall And Winter?

Everyone knows you can construct a home in spring and summer, but is it possible in fall and winter?

In the past, the answer was no. Builders wouldn’t start construction unless they knew they could put a roof on your property before the first snow. They also wanted to avoid wind and rain. Now, though, professional technologies exist that can protect existing work, even if the weather gets bad. Builders and subcontractors, for instance, can start pouring foundations and preparing the groundwork, contrary to popular belief.

However, they need to have the right home-building experience. Winter may increase construction costs if they don’t know what they are doing.

There are some good reasons to start building in the winter season. These include:

  • Lower construction costs. Getting started early in the year often lets you find cheaper building materials and lower labor costs because of low demand.
  • There’s no rush. The construction crew is much less likely to have a backlogged calendar in the winter months. Demand is minimal and so most are simply happy to have some work.
  • Good weather. In some locations, particularly in the country’s south, work can be faster in the winter because of good weather. Temperatures are pleasantly mild and builders spend less time trying to shield themselves from the heat and sun.
Can You Build In Fall And Winter?

Wrapping Up

Getting a custom home started is an exciting experience. However, knowing which time of year to get going is not easy. You have to consider material costs, weather delays, and financing. Historically, spring or summer was the best time to build a house. But latterly, new technology makes home construction possible in the autumn and winter months, too. You will need to decide which setup works best for you personally.

Rockford Homes can build a range of attractive properties from scratch with a design of your choice, starting any time of the year. Get in touch to find out more.

Wrapping Up

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