What’s in a color?

What’s in a color? Well, a lot if you are looking to help clients with the sale of their home. CNBC reported an analysis completed by Zillow using a comparison of houses in the same age range, square footage and location to prove that color matters!

There are several areas of focus when it comes to color choice regardless of whether you are selling a ranch home or two story floor plan. A seller needs to be provided with the best possible color story in order to cash in on the sale of their home. When instructing sellers on color choices, avoid a dark palette that may be off-putting to some. Potential buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the space, not lost in a black hole. Offer simple suggestions and reminders that will help them get the biggest bang for their brush:

  1. Exterior colors set the tone for the curb appeal. To get the most bang for a seller’s buck, advise them to avoid a dated and monotone look and instead add a pop of color to a classic “greige” exterior.
  2. Blues turning to green- Blue is the most profitable color choice for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms! Whether it is a sprawling first floor master bedroom or a tiny powder room, a seller cannot go wrong with a light shade of blue.
  3. Highlighting a large open floor plan with a light “taupe and greige” can appeal to a wide variety of buyers. The neutral palette allows them to envision how their own furniture and artwork will fit right into the space.
  4. Doors matter too. Having an appealing front door can really add to the appeal and overall sales potential of the home. Big surprise here, blue was the most appealing exterior door color, as well (with a particular affinity for navy).
  5. Basically, avoid the extremes. If your clients are thinking a hot pink dining room, eyeing an all white palate, or are in love with the idea of a boring brown exterior door, help steer them to another side of the color theory rainbow.

Reminding clients of these tips can help them sell their homes faster. As prominent home builders in Columbus, Ohio, Rockford Homes sales consultants can offer insight on what colors and upgrades will offer new home buyers the biggest return down the road.

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