Top 9 Home Design Trends For 2020

Our homes reflect our needs, personalities, and the times we live in. This year when the calendar flips, we will be entering not just a new year, but a new decade. Homes are evolving to meet modern demands and accommodate the priorities of those that dwell there. Next year’s trends reflect a desire for better self-care, spending quality time with friends and family, maximizing efficiency, and adding a little character to homes.

Zen Dens

Open floor plans will not be going out of style anytime soon, but many feel there is a need for an enclosed space to unwind separately from the rest of the house. That’s why homeowners are creating what is known as a “Zen den”. They may use this space for reading, watching tv or just relaxing in an enclosed space tucked away from the main living area. Read more about Zen dens here:

Bigger and Better Master Suites

As more and more people are focusing on their overall health and emotional well-being, the master suite takes a starring role in the home. Homeowners want to create an escape from the stresses of daily life and create a space all their own. The master bedroom and bath are the perfect areas to expand and add some luxurious upgrades like a large bathtub for soaking or heated floors.

At Rockford, explore our Monterey floorplan for our biggest master suite! It includes a sitting area, his & hers closets, and an extra-large master bathroom.

Return of the Formal Dining Room

No longer reserved for holiday meals and guests only, the formal dining room is making a bold comeback. Today’s families are beginning to make family meals a priority and are moving towards regular use of the formal dining room. Homeowners in 2020 are predicted to embrace the formal dining room as not only a place for family dinners but also as a showcase filled with bold designs and upscale decor. Every meal will certainly be special in next year’s formal dining rooms.

Butler Pantries

The modern kitchen is a gorgeous backdrop for entertaining and preparing family meals in today’s open floor plans, however, preparing food and drinks can get messy. Butler pantries are perfect for keeping some of that prep work out of site and maintaining a clean kitchen. In 2020, these will be sought out not only for entertainment purposes, but they also are perfect for preparing children’s snacks, storing the family pet food and treats, or just providing additional storage.

If dining rooms, kitchens, or butler pantries are a priority for you, check out our Bradford floorplan!

Command Centers

In the early 2000s, houses needed an area for the desktop computer, printer, and fax machine. Modern technology has freed up a lot of space and today’s families are more interested in having a command center where they have one central place for a charging station, storing their electronic devices, and placing their home assistant. This area can serve as the family “hub” where busy families can easily keep everything in one spot and easily accessible to the whole family.

Bold Bathroom Designs

Half baths or powder rooms are popular areas for going all-in on design elements. The trend of decorating these rooms with elegant and bold wallpaper and fixtures will continue into 2020. People love embellishing these rooms to show a little pizazz in their homes. This is a great place to express personalities and give more character to a home.

Statement-Making Laundry Rooms

Among the rooms getting a bold makeover this year, is the laundry room! Long gone are the days of a washer and dryer hidden in the basement surrounded by pipes and boxes. The trend will be having both a functional laundry room and one that will have guests taking a pause. This will include incorporating bright colors and patterns into the room. See some chic laundry room ideas from HGTV here:

Textures Trend

Texture adds warmth and depth to a room. It can evoke emotion and help give you that cozy homey feeling that people currently want in their homes. Incorporating texture into the design will be a priority in 2020, from adding wood range hoods in the kitchen to selecting furniture made of velvet, homes will display bursts of texture throughout the interior.

Energy Efficient Building Design

People in the new decade will be more energy and environmentally conscious than ever. In addition to selecting energy-efficient appliances, homeowners are going above and beyond to make their home as energy-efficient as possible. Rockford Homes is proud to be part of the EfficiencyCrafted Program which helps build greener and more efficient homes.

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