Top 3 Things to Consider When Moving to a New Neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood or part of town can be a daunting task. Especially if the buyer isn’t familiar with the area they’re moving to. Step one, of course, is always to engage an experienced licensed realtor familiar with the area. We’ve researched and found the top 3 things you should advise those buyers to consider when moving to a new neighborhood.


Though it may not be the buyer’s first thought when moving to a new neighborhood or area of town, it can definitely be a deal breaker. Most buyers won’t want to deal with their own septic tanks, well water, and propane refueling. A buyer looking at a brand new neighborhood being developed by a reputable developer will almost always have a good infrastructure in place. The major infrastructure considerations are a fresh water source, gas, electric, roads, waste collection, and of course, Internet access.

School District

If a buyer has, or plans to have a family any time soon, school district is a huge consideration when moving to a new area. Things to consider when choosing an educational system will be graduation rate, does the city adequately fund the system, any safety issues, and pass-thru rate to colleges. Oh yeah, and does the bus come to their neighborhood? Easy access to the local schools is important too.

Crime Rate

Most new build developments take crime rate into consideration before committing the resources to developing a new neighborhood, but new buyers will want to know of any crime issues in the areas surrounding them. Safety ratings online can be a little deceiving, so it’s always important that the buyer’s realtor has vast knowledge of the entire city, and how specific neighborhoods within it deal with crime.

At Rockford Homes we understand what is important to home buyers moving to a new area. Moving into a new-build home can eliminate some of the unknowns. For your buyers looking to move to a new area, be sure to show them a few Rockford neighborhoods and avoid all of those pesky unknowns.

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