Tips for Moving During a Pandemic

Moving during a pandemic may pose challenges, but with today’s low-interest rates and continued housing demand, it can still be a great time to buy and sell a home in Central Ohio. If you are planning a move, there are a few extra steps you can take to make your move go smoother and be safer during the current pandemic. Here are some tips to help you move during this pandemic.

Follow Social Distancing Protocols

When using a moving service or if you are having friends and family help with packing and moving, practice the same social distancing protocols during your move that you would in a public place. Stay 6 feet away when possible, encourage mask-wearing, gloves, and frequent hand washing and sanitizing.

Check Mover Protocols

If you are using a moving company or renting equipment, make sure you are familiar with their protocols both for your own safety and that of their employees. They likely will be following local social distancing recommendations and other safety protocols. They may also have restricted hours or limited capabilities, so make sure you know what to expect and make necessary accommodations.

Stock Up on Packing Materials

If you’ve moved before, you may have frantically found yourself running to the hardware store at midnight to pick up more boxes or packing tape. Not only is this inconvenient, but it may not be an option during a pandemic. Plan ahead for your move and buy extra supplies to reduce trips to the store and prevent running out of much-needed packing materials outside of store hours.

Check Restrictions at Local Donation Spots

Purging during a move is a great way to simplify your move. In the past, dropping off a box of unwanted items at a local charity didn’t require much thought or planning. However, it’s a good idea to know who is accepting what items and what the rules are for donating. You also may need to schedule a time for pick up or drop off. Know what restrictions there are for your local donation spots and plan accordingly.

Don’t Pack Up All Your Disinfectant, Soap, and Hand Sanitizer

How many times have you moved and realized you’ve boxed something that you actually need during the move? There are a few extra items you will want to make sure you have easily accessible for a move during a pandemic, such as soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant. You will want to have these on hand where you are moving from and moving to. Encourage frequent handwashing and sanitizing for all of those involved in the move.

Disinfect Before You Move in and While Unpacking

If you are moving into a preowned home or apartment, you will definitely want to make sure you clean before you move in. It’s a great idea to clean any home you are moving into, but it’s even more crucial during a pandemic. Follow the CDC’s recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting specifically to prevent the spread of Covid19. Use approved cleaning supplies for each surface, wear gloves and masks, and wash your hands frequently. As you move, wipe down frequently touched surfaces frequently, such as doorknobs, light switches, counters, etc. Then once you begin to unpack – clean again!

Keep Doors and Windows Open for Circulation

Wherever possible, keep doors and windows open for circulation during your move. Open air and circulation is thought to help decrease the accumulation of certain viruses and germs. It’s also good to have good ventilation for those extra cleaning products being used.

Have Patience

The pandemic has certainly turned things upside down for all of us. Many seemingly simple things in life we count on always being available may not be as easily accessible these days. Supply chains have been stretched, inventory can be limited, and shipping may take an extra-long time. Keep this in mind if you are updating your new home and when buying furniture or supplies. Cabinets may take longer to come in, sofas may take longer to deliver, and fixtures may be out of stock. Have patience and plan where you can. Remaining flexible, cautious, and patient during your move will always make for a better experience, especially during a pandemic.

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