Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where families and friends gather, family recipes are passed down, and every day moments become memories. This is why it is a top priority for many homeowners. When building a home with Rockford Homes, you will have the opportunity to customize your kitchen to meet your family’s needs and your design tastes. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your current kitchen, here are a few tips to help you get started on designing your dream kitchen!

Choosing the Right Floor Plan

Let’s start with your home’s floor plan. This will determine the space you have available and the flow of your kitchen in relation to the rest of your home. Choose a floor plan that will work with your family’s needs throughout the years. It helps to envision how you will be using your kitchen and plan from there. Do you want space to enjoy having others help you in the kitchen, do you have small children and want to keep an eye on them while you are making dinner, do you like to entertain guests while you put the finishing touches on dinner? These are great things for you to think about when choosing your kitchen’s design. Open concept designs allow for the kitchen to be a focal point in the home, making it easy to mingle with those in the living room and dining room. This is a popular choice for families and those that like to entertain. Visit our model homes to get a good idea of what you want in your home’s design.

Choose a Strategic Layout

While the aesthetics of the kitchen are important, functionality really stands out in this room. Choose a design that has been well thought out and not only looks great but is easy to navigate. Think about where the appliances and workable counter space are located. You can save yourself time, energy, and inconvenience by reducing unnecessary steps between appliances. Designers and culinary artists both recommend a workable triangle, where you can easily walk from sink to stove to refrigerator. Opt for a centrally located sink or even add a pot filler by the stove for added convenience. Make sure there is space for organizing items within reach of where needed. Plan for items such as magnetic strips for knives above areas for chopping, shelves for spices near the stove top, and hooks or drawers for oven mitts near the oven. It is these details that really give you a good starting point for having the kitchen of your dreams.

Storage Options & Cabinetry

Most of us at some point in our lives have said, I just wish I had more cabinet space. Now is your chance to maximize your storage space. Realistically, think about all the items you have to store in your kitchen. Pots, small appliances, dishes, utensils, glassware, and food! If you have children at home you probably have a pantry full of snacks. List out what you have or will want to have in the future and plan a home for it as you design your kitchen. Be honest with yourself, are you actually going to donate that sandwich maker or does it need space in the cabinet? Choose cabinets that help organize your items to make the most of your kitchen. Consider roll-out shelving and dividers. A design plan with a butler’s pantry such as the Dover can help maximize your storage space.

Choosing Countertops

There are many options for countertops and each has its own benefit. Consider again how your family will use the kitchen. This is definitely an area where durability and functionality should be considered, but it’s also an opportunity to let your design style shine. Discuss all of the benefits and your needs with our home design experts and we will help you choose what is right for your family.

Counter Space

Not only is your choice of countertop important, but considering how your countertop space will be used is also beneficial to think about. How much counter space do you desire? Do you have smaller appliances that you use frequently that you will want space for such as air fryers or coffee makers? Consider having counter tops of different heights to accommodate baking or cooking with younger children. Do you want a seating area in your kitchen?

Choosing Appliances

The driving force behind your kitchen is your appliances. You can’t cook without a stove or oven! This is an area that should not be taken lightly. Investing in quality appliances will help you enjoy your kitchen to its fullest. Decide what features are important to you and your family. Do you have a large family and need a large refrigerator and extra stove top burners? Should you consider having multiple ovens or microwaves? Would a wine fridge really amp up your kitchen for you? This is the time to add the items that will make your life easier. Consider if smart appliances are right for your family. Many of these modern advances can offer convenience to busy families. Read more about current trends in smart appliances from Prioritize what will help make your kitchen the most functional, enjoyable to be in and ultimately your dream kitchen!

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