The Home Building Process Explained Part 4: Building Your Dream Home

Everyone can recognize the construction of a new home as the foundation begins to be poured and walls start to go up, but what happens to get to that point and how do you finally get to the day where you will be moving into your new home? There is a well-planned process that goes into home building and at Rockford, we want you to know what to expect each step along the way. In our final topic in our blog series, The Home Building Process Explained, we will outline what happens once we actually start the construction of your new home. All of the hard work and decision making made through the previous steps will finally come together in this last phase of your home building process. We understand that this exciting time can also come with a new set of stress, and we aim to make it as stress-free and as enjoyable for you as possible so you can enjoy watching your dream home come to life. Here is a preview of what to expect along the way.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Once we have the blueprints and the building permits for your home, you will be contacted by your new home consultant to schedule a pre-construction meeting. This meeting will allow you and your construction manager to get to know each other and review your specific house plans. At this meeting, we will provide an overview of the construction process and answer any final questions you may have before the excavation begins. Once this meeting takes place, we can plan the groundbreaking of your new home!

Construction of Your New Home

Get your cameras ready as you will begin to see your home take shape! The building of your home will start by excavating your foundation. Then we will begin framing your home. Next, you will see your HVAC, plumbing and electrical tasks taking place as the nuts and bolts of your home are installed. Once these elements are complete will begin to insulate and drywall your home as the interior of your home starts to come together. Near the completion of your drywall, about 60 days before completion of your home, you will be contacted by your new home consultant with your closing date. Once your new home is drywalled we will begin installing your hand-picked selections and finishings of your home like cabinets, tile, faucets, lighting and more.

Customer Experience Administrator

We realize that the construction process can be exciting and stressful at the same time. To keep you informed of the status of the construction of your new home, you will be assigned a customer experience administrator. He or she will reach out through the various stages of building your home: framing, rough mechanical, drywall, and interior trim. Our customer experience administrator will also coordinate your home orientation walkthrough with your construction manager.

Home Orientation Walk Through

The home orientation walkthrough will allow you to become familiar with your home and its functionality. The walkthrough will take place approximately 5 days before your closing. Once your home has received your occupancy permit from the governing municipality and prior to your home orientation walkthrough, your home will go through a final inspection by one of Rockford’s field managers. This final inspection is to ensure the quality of your new home.

We understand you may have questions throughout the building process. Our knowledgeable staff will be available to assist you all along the way as we work to build your home to your specifications. Building a new home is an exciting time for you and your family. We want to make the most of the experience and help you start your future in your dream home!