The Four Best Home Gym Exercises

We all have the best intentions every New Year to get back in the gym and start that resolution work promptly on January 2nd. Then, as always, you get back to the inevitable work grind, the ground is frozen over and every free minute you have is devoted to hibernation and catching up on the new season of your favorite network TV shows.

We’re here to tell you, that you don’t have to go anywhere to start feeling better, and looking better. We’ve compiled the 4 best exercises you can do right in your home with no weights, no gym membership, and just a little space using your own body weight.

The Push-Up

This quintessential exercise should be in everyone’s fitness arsenal, and has many variations for everyone’s strength level. The push-up not only works the upper body, but is a powerful core strengthener. The natural plank position used in the push-up, when sustained, engages your abdominals and glute areas as well.

The Lunge

The lunge is not the most popular exercise, but if you’re looking to tighten that backside, look no further. Lunges are a powerful lower body strengthening exercise that target your glutes down to your calves. Lunges are also great at correcting lower body imbalances and when done in long spurts, are great for your cardiovascular fitness. Like push-ups, lunges have several variations to work from. Fair warning… the first few times you work lunges into your routine, you will have some muscle soreness. That’s how you know it’s working for you!

The Plank

This exercise seems so simple, but with so many variations, the plank will be one of the most powerful core building exercises in your routine. Plank exercises engage your abdominals, glutes, quads, and much more.

The Burpee

Possibly one of the most hated exercises, the burpee is quite possibly one of the best total body exercises out there. It incorporates full range, full body movement in a unique 6 point exercise, and is great for getting your heart and lungs pumping. The burpee is a perfect final “burn-out” exercise for each workout, and though it sometimes feels like torture while you’re doing them, they will leave you feeling better than ever.

Your Home Gym

With the evolution of exercise leaning more and more towards bodyweight training, having a home gym is easier than ever without breaking the bank by buying tons of overpriced equipment. At Rockford Homes we pride ourselves on designing custom spaces for your every need. Visit one of our many model home locations and schedule time with one of our new home consultants to incorporate that home gym you never had, but always wanted.

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