The Dog Days of Home Buying

It is no surprise that buyers with pets are looking at how, exactly, their furred and feathered loved ones will fit into a new space. NBC news introduced a study that looked at the reasons behind why millennials were looking to buy a home. The number one reason cited was for the birds (or the dogs, cats; you get the idea). Of those polled, 33% determined that it was time to look for more space for the sake of their pets. Don’t let the cat out of the bag to the rest of the family, but this beat out marriages, kids, and every other reason presented!

When a pet conscious buyer comes along it’s important to show how easy it is to include the needs of those pets into a new build. Buying an existing home means that pet owners must work to figure out how they might fit their animal into the house. If they choose to build, they have the capability of creating a house around their pet.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with an animal lover that may want to avoid the wild goose chase of an existing home and instead look at a new build:

The Layout is Up to Them!

Have an older pet and know that stairs will be tough? There is an option to minimize that. Have cats and need a hidden nook for the litter box? That can be built right into the design. Need sturdy floors, window access, or a doggy door? All of this, and more, is at their fingertips when they are steering the design.

Outdoor Space May Be a Non-negotiable for These Families

…and they have the power to decide how that looks! Landscaping and outdoor living can be extremely costly to redesign if it doesn’t fit the needs of Fido. Fencing, patios, deck stairs, more green space are all things that pet owners can have control over in the building process.

Location, Location, Location.

Homeowners don’t have to settle for the “perfect house” on a busy street or far from pet-friendly amenities. They have the power to get their ducks in a row in a location that suits their needs. When they have decided what things are important to them (sidewalks, hiking trails, dog parks, grooming facilities) they can then create the perfect home right at the heart of it all.

Many buyers are working to make their “best friends” happy and what better way than to start with a blank slate. Explaining the endless possibilities and specific amenities of a new build might help your buyers see that sometimes you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

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