Smart Home Technology Trends

The latest trends in Smart Home Technology are things even the Jetsons would be excited about! While many of these items can be added to an existing home, there is no doubt that a brand new Rockford home would allow for easy integration. Any of these additions to a new home will address the most difficult or annoying of household dilemmas with ease. Here are a few of the latest trends in Smart Home Technology:

Voice Controlled Home-

Amazon’s Alexa has blossomed into businesses across the industry putting the power at the tip of your…well…tongue! From appliances to alarm clocks you can start getting things done without lifting a finger.

Wi-Fi Networking with Style-

Wi-Fi routers are finally getting a facelift. Having the ability to leave these out in the open allows for much better efficiency, but that is tough to do when they look like a hunk of junk. Companies are beginning to integrate more attractive options that fit right in with your home decor.

The Air In There-

Automatic sensors are being integrated to track VOCs, CO2 and even humidity in the house. Are allergens a problem for those in your house? These systems will know exactly how to adjust to get bad air out and bring in clear air for your family.

And Speaking of Air-

Step outside into a virtual playground. TVs, sound systems, and appliances are not just for indoors. Backyards are becoming the place to spend family time and the list of outdoor technology is only growing.

Smart Security-

This may be the most exciting option on the list. Home security systems are becoming much more tech savvy and therefore, much more effective. Technological advances in the field allow for these systems to be more intuitive, in sync, and effective. Think voice recognition, hands free locks and controls at the touch of a button.

While these technologies may seem extravagant, you may not have as much sticker shock as you expect. Many companies are working hard to keep these luxuries at a price that many homeowners can afford. Even more savings could come from introducing these trends into a new build home; without having to replace, demo to reinstall, etc. you will absolutely save money overall. Take this list and add to it before starting the plans for your new home. You will be sure to have the smartest house on the block!

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