Tips for Showing a Home to a Family with an Autistic Child

Autism takes on many forms in every family. There are so many degrees of autism, and it’s impossible to create a perfect environment for every child. However, there are many guiding principles experts have pinpointed to help parents create the best environment possible. Autistic children have many sensory needs, and as a realtor showing a home to a potential buyer with a family member with autism, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Sound Requirements

Unlike most children, autistic children are acutely tuned in to background noises. Most parents are very aware of the types of sounds that can upset their autistic child, but as a realtor, be aware that noises in and out of the home can be a big factor.

Dedicated Playroom

An ideal situation for an autistic child is to have a dedicated playroom or space for them to focus on their work. This is a comfortable space for the parents to alleviate distraction and work with their child on their communication skills.

Lack of Clutter

Autistic children can be very distracted by clutter and items that are out of place, so it’s important to have plenty of storage that can be used to lock distracting things out of sight.


Autistic children can be affected by certain colors, and most parents are aware of the colors that are most distracting. Having a clean color palette in a new home allows parents to easily paint the colors that least distract their child.


Again, parents are usually aware of what types of lighting affects their child most negatively, but generally speaking, fluorescent lighting can appear as a pulsating light to autistic children. Each child is different, but as a rule of thumb, incandescent lighting usually works better.

Rockford Homes is sensitive to the needs of children with autism, and a supporter of Autism Awareness. Again, not every autistic child is the same, but these general rules will help you as a realtor facilitate a successful home purchase for your clients who have children with autism.

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