Outdoor Living Space Trends

Homeowners are spending more time than ever in their backyards and they are investing more in creating a relaxing and functional outdoor living space. Creating a space of your own can make an excellent addition to your dream home by giving you more space and an escape from the daily grind. Here are a few trends in outdoor spaces you may want to consider for your home.

Indoor and Outdoor Seamless Transitions

Imagine opening your back door to find an outdoor area that perfectly flows with your indoor design. Coordinating color schemes, furniture that compliments each other, and seamless flow from one space to another is key to what today’s homeowners are looking for in their outdoor space. This helps give that feeling of your outdoor space being an extension of your home. One way to do this is to create a long line of sight from the inside to the outside. Try to keep the inside floor and the outside floor the same level if possible, the less steps, the more of an illusion that it’s one continuous space. Glass doors help make an easy transition from inside to out and will let more light from the outside into the home as well. You can further enhance your transition by mirroring elements of your design. For example, you can bring a few plants inside, or use pieces of matching furniture or pillows.

Year-Round Space

We don’t want to be outside only in the summer anymore! Creating an outdoor space that you can use year-round is key to making the most of your investment. There are ways to make this space functional year-round without completely enclosing the space or spending a lot of extra money. Covered patios and decks are increasingly popular for helping to protect against the elements. Curtained pergolas are another popular choice for providing some protection from the cold and wind. The main thing you will want to be comfortable outside when it is cold is a source of heat. Firepits and heat lamps are crucial for making your space livable year-round in Ohio. There are many options for these that fit any style. Gas fire pits are currently a favorite because they are easier to use and maintain than wood burning. Finally, you will want to accessorize with plush pillows and warm blankets to create a warm and cozy feel any time of year.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

If you want to really boost your functional outdoor space, an outdoor kitchen is the way to go. Grills have always been an outdoor staple, but homeowners have taken it to a whole other level by adding outdoor sinks, outdoor refrigerators and more. Outdoor ovens have increased in popularity and will provide a delicious alternative to your normal indoor oven. This area will be the perfect spot for entertaining so why not add an outdoor bar? Outdoor wine coolers are very convenient and popular. Entertain, cook, relax, and unwind all in the comfort of your backyard.


With all this time being spent outdoors, privacy is still something many people want. You can create privacy a number of ways, without actually building walls. You can use decorative screens, fencing, curtains, and plants. This is an opportunity to really get creative with your design and show your personality while creating a private area for your family to enjoy.

Outdoor Lighting

You are going to love your outdoor area so much you won’t want to go inside at night! Lighting is key to creating a comfortable and safe outdoor space that can be enjoyed all hours of the day. It’s important to carefully plan your lighting so you have enough light where you need it and just the right amount of ambiance for that perfect night glow. It’s always important to have well-lit pathways for safety. You can do this with lanterns and by integrating led lighting into stairs and decks. Outdoor string lights are both popular and cost effective for adding just the right amount of light. These simple additions can really add character and beauty to your space.

Decks and Patios

Decks have been a longstanding staple in the outdoor space and they are perfect for homes that have doors at a higher level. Adding multi-level decks is good for giving additional usable space. You may choose the ever-popular patio instead. You can build your patio with stone, brick, pavers, tiles, or a trending choice is stamped concrete. Using stamped concrete, you can create a custom look that is very durable and many times cost effective. Homeowners today are loving this option because of the many patterns to create a more unique look for their living space.

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