Interior Design Trends for the Fall

Everyone acknowledges their love for the seasons when they look to seasonal trends. It’s a special time to have a little fun and show your affinity for design. But such rearrangements to prepare for the chilly weather need a helping hand to keep things looking fresh every year. As luck would have it, some of the top designers have foretold these designs to become trends since the beginning of the year.

Colors and Accents

Let’s start with the staples. Autumn will always embody the phrase: “nature, but with comfort.” The phrase has as much to do with the colors it implies as it does with style.

Imagine looking at the interior of a Winter log cabin. You may feel a cozy feeling as you imagine being in the all-brown interior. The completely wooden cabin framework, warm fireplace, and cushy arrangements you saw in your mind encapsulate what everyone associates with cold weather.

The reason for this is because terracotta tones such as muted browns, reds, and oranges often evoke a sense of comfort and safety that correlates with the Autumn season. So it’s no wonder why many interior designers promote a vintage theme this year, as well as wicker vases, dried florals, and yarn rugs, throws, and pillows galore.

Furniture and Architecture

Doris Leslie Blau, an antique rug company with an interest in interior design, advocates for what’s called “Modern Rustic.” This is usually paired with the Fall, because according to Homes and Gardens Magazine, ‘It works ideally in homes that already have some interesting features, such as exposed beams, original floorboards, and paneled walls.’

If you happen to fall within those who have these sorts of unique characteristics in their home, this is especially fortunate. Not only is it recommended year-round as a stately trend, but it will be fairly easy to convert your space into a festive fall atmosphere. It will also serve as a guide for getting the shading of the furniture against a fall color scheme correct so that the entire space flows well.

Designer Amanda Evans expounds on this when deferred to by Purewow: ‘Sandstone is great for adding a more warm and cozy feel to the home, but is also great all year-round. A radiant autumn orange or Amberglow also creates warmth and blends well with other neutral tones like gray and sand tones.’

Her statement is important when you’re choosing your autumn color patterns so that they don’t clash with the furniture you have or will be getting.

Autumn Scents

A big part of harnessing the essence of Fall (Winter, even) has to do with the senses as well. Candles are traditional arrangements that never fail, even if you find the seasonal atmosphere lacking. Common scents include pumpkin spice, cinnamon, spiced apple, and others simulating the smell of Thanksgiving.

Of course, aerosols will achieve a similar effect, but think about it in terms of ambiance and style, too, and you can have your own unique centerpieces. Trends lean towards natural ways like essential oils, potpourri, and incense. One trend in particular, according to Homedit, would be coffee bean or cinnamon-wrapped candle centerpieces.


Autumn is the best time of the year to seize your moment of artistry, especially if you crave comfort and love the calming feel that nature provides, whether it be with leaf accents or ingrained in the architecture of the home itself. Whichever color or style choice you choose, together these fresh Fall designs will not only keep your home fashionable for this upcoming season but for the next season to come.

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