How To Remain Organized (& Sane) Throughout Your Move

Top 5 tips to making the new move seamless & less stressful for everyone

No two words will earn you the sympathy of your friends and co-workers more than “we’re moving.” We, at Rockford Homes, want that process to be as painless as possible, so here are some suggestions to make moving day a good (or at least better) day!

Consolidate Your Information

Create a master binder of every piece of information related to your move, with tabs for every different section. The binder can also hold all your receipts connected to the move – you do want to return anything that doesn’t work, right? – and even notes to help you find things later, like the spare towels being used as makeshift cushions for vases.

Have the Right Supplies

Figure out, well in advance, what you’re going to need leading up to moving day, and keep a checklist to make sure you have everything. And consider more than just cardboard boxes, tape and labels. What else will make the process easier? Wardrobe boxes to transport clothes without removing the hangers? Grip gloves to make heavy furniture easier to lug? You have tons of options.

Plot Out Destinations

Get your money’s worth out of your measuring tape, and figure out exactly where each piece of furniture is going to go. You only want to have to move that couch, desk and king-size bed once each. Decide early where some decorative elements are going to go, too. The sooner your favorite painting is up on the wall, the sooner it feels like home.

Don’t Under-Label

Just one label per box may not cut it. Consider labeling boxes in multiple places, in case one side or the top is obscured. Or take it a step further and color-coordinate boxes by room. When you’re carrying a heavy box, the less guesswork, the better.

Take Advantage of Technology

There are apps for everything else, so why wouldn’t there be moving apps?

Sortly will help you create a digital inventory of everything you pack, complete with photos and printable QR code labels.
MagicPlan will use the photos you’ve taken to create detailed 3-D floor plans.
Moved will set you up with a personal moving assistant.

Or…Just Have Someone Else Do It!

If all else fails, hire a mover – but be sure you hire the right mover by examining the company’s license, checking out online reviews, getting your estimate in writing, determining whether the company runs employee background checks and making sure they’re insured.

Ready to Make Your Move?

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