Home Halloween Ideas

There are a lot of home Halloween ideas that can help you get your home ready without breaking the bank. Options range from fun homemade Halloween crafts to your regular pumpkin carving ideas. Here are some Halloween ideas to ensure you celebrate the spookiest day of the year.

Start With the Front Porch

Before you start thinking of horror ideas to make your house the creepiest inside, you need to figure out a perfect look for your front porch. There are a lot of great ideas you can use to add some spooky spice to your entrance. Consider the following:

  • Throw in some spider webs to catch your guests off guard
  • Place a silhouette of a black cat to boost the creepy factor
  • Find several stuffed rats and place them by the door
  • A bucket with a few dead white flowers will also do the trick
  • Pumpkins might be obvious, but they can still do the trick, especially if carved with ghoulish designs.
  • Hang a ghost or skeleton from your porch.

Apart from the above, if you have an old rocking chair, cover it with spider webs. Find a spot where it will rock and creak in the scariest way.

Ensure your Furniture is Halloween Ready

The idea is to make sure that your home looks as abandoned and creepy as possible. There are several tricks that you can use, including:

  • Cover your sofas and chairs with old white sheets. This will make it seem as if your home hasn’t been used in years. It will be even creepier if the sheets have holes in them.
  • Replace your regular tablecloths with old and tattered ones.
  • Drape your bookshelves in spiderwebs.
  • Find a strategic point to place a few fake skulls in different rooms.


You can never achieve a complete Halloween look without pumpkins. You don’t need to overdo it, but there are ways you can still use pumpkins to your advantage. Here are some clever ways to play around with pumpkins and enhance your creepy look:

  • Buy some pumpkin balloons and hang them around the house.
  • If you can’t find ones that are painted already, you can just get regular balloons and paint scary faces on them in a black sharpie.
  • Get some pumpkins from the store and paint them different colors. Some can be black or silver. Once you are done, place them in the corners of your home.
  • Place your Halloween treats in pumpkin dishes.

Once the décor is complete, find some specimen jars and add them to your home. If you can’t get any, you can also get regular jars and fill them with water containing green dye. Find some spots that have a light over them and place the jars there. You can also place some unidentifiable items in the jar. For instance, find an old doll’s arm or an old child’s toy and place it in there. If you can find a small face skull, it will do the trick as well, especially if you get one that can float to the top.

The act of decorating can be just as much fun as enjoying the final product, so remember to get creative! Before heading to the store, think about what you may already have in your home that could be altered to be the perfect spooky decoration. Above all, have fun!

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