Home Design Trends for 2021

The experiences and challenges we faced in 2020 have changed so many aspects of our lives and our homes are no exception. The last-minute accommodations we made to work, learn, and find comfort in our homes will certainly change what our homes will look like in 2021. As we look ahead to a new and brighter year, we will likely still see some of 2020’s influence carry over for years to come. Many of the trends predicted for 2021 are a reflection of our desire to make our homes functional, comfortable, and multifaceted. We’ve put together a list of home trends to look for in the coming year.

Embracing Comfort

Spending numerous hours in our homes has led to one consistent theme, comfort is key. Home is a place to unwind and relax, our sanctuary from all the stressors surrounding us. 2021 will embrace a feeling of warmth and comfort in all aspects of design, from furniture to flooring. We will see color choices and other features in the home reflect comfort, warmth, and positivity.

Functionality & Durability

As we all scrambled to turn our dining rooms into offices and basements into home gyms, we quickly learned that every room in our home needs to be functional and oftentimes multi-functional. Accessories may serve multiple purposes or have gone from occasional use to supporting our needs 40 hours a week. That chic desk chair may have looked great when you barely used it, but after months of sitting in it, you realize that your back hurts or it isn’t quite tall enough for everyday use. This is where we see a shift in functionality over trendy design. In addition, we will be looking for durable fabrics and surfaces made to stand up to the multiple needs of our homes.

Easy to Clean Fabrics and Surfaces

If you were lucky enough to keep disinfectant wipes stocked in 2020, you know that some surfaces are much easier to keep clean than others. It’s likely that our desire to keep surfaces and fabrics clean will not go away anytime soon. This is something that homeowners will keep in mind when purchasing new furniture or upgrading their homes. We will see them choosing fabrics and surfaces that are easier to clean and able to be better sanitized.

Global Inspiration

Many of us were not able to travel as planned or even get out of the house as much as we normally would, so we brought the world home. We will see a large global inspiration in design in 2021 as homeowners want to create an escape in their homes and bring in tokens reminiscent of travel. People may take inspiration from anywhere in the world, including the African Savannah, tropical paradises, or European cities.

Earthy Shades

Earth tones and earthy shades will play a key role in 2021’s most popular color schemes. Better Homes and Gardens has released their color predictions for 2021 and the most popular colors include neutrals, blues, and earth tones that bring comfort to the home. We will also see hints of brighter colors to bring added warmth, hope, and character to interior design.

80’s Are Making a Comeback

We have seen fashion reflect influences of the 80’s and this will likely carry into our homes in 2021. Whether driven by the fashion industry or a desire to bring some of our comforting childhood memories to life, we will see many homes embrace elements from the 80’s. Modern spins on popular 80’s design trends such as geometric shaped furniture, glass tables, and floral prints will make their way into our homes this year. Maybe take a look at Grandma’s living room for some inspiration and keep your eye on this trend in 2021.

Indoor Plants/Herbs

Live plants bring natural earthiness and comfort to a home. We will see live plants and herbs increase in popularity in 2021. Edible gardens will thrive in 2021 as we spend more and more time at home and more time in the kitchen. These plants are often easy to take care of and serve a practical purpose. Plants said to bring good fortune such as money tree plants will be popular choices as well. Let’s face it, we will all take any extra luck we can for 2021.

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