Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Curb appeal is your home’s first impression. It is that finished look that separates an ordinary-looking home from one that is inviting and beautiful. Creating curb appeal doesn’t necessarily require a large budget or a lot of time. Just a few added details in the front of your home can go a long way. We have a few tips that can work for any budget and nearly any style of home.

Dress Up the Front Door and Entryway

The entryway of the home sets the stage for what to expect from the home. The front door acts as the focal point. Dressing up your front door quickly enhances the look of your home. This doesn’t mean that you need to purchase an ornate door, simply updating hardware or adding a wreath or welcome sign on the door can go a long way. Decorate the entryway surrounding your door with lanterns, potted plants, or tables. When decorating the front door and entry of the home, use symmetry as your guide for what is pleasing to the eye. If you have one thing to one side, you should balance it with an equal on the other side. This helps frame your entry and create a welcoming feel.

Front Seating

Consider adding seating to your front lawn or entryway if space allows. Seating can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Create a nice spot for guests to sit and wait or for you to drink your morning coffee. Choose interesting pieces to add character or choose inviting rockers or comfortable chairs to warm the space.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an easy way to add ambiance to your home. Choose fixtures that dress up your space both at night and in the day such as decorative lanterns. Place them strategically so to light your path, entryway, and other parts of the front lawn that you’d like to accentuate. Solar lights are a great option for easy installation and maintenance. A well-lit home at night is just as important for safety as it is for beauty.

Maintain and Add Flower Beds

Great landscaping will certainly add curb appeal to your home. Take a look at what you currently have to work with and make sure it is well maintained. Trim bushes and remove weeds and overgrown or unhealthy plants. Keep plants well-watered so they stay vibrant. If your landscaping is minimal, consider expanding or adding to it. Great places to add flower beds are along driveways, walkways, and the front of the home. Choose plants and flowers that add contrast to your home’s exterior. Create distinct borders around your beds by using wood, brick or stone edging. Complete flower beds with fresh mulch or rocks to help keep weeds at bay and make your gardens look pristine.

Potted Plants

If adding additional landscaping is too much work or outside your budget, potted plants are an easy way to dress up your front yard. Even with great landscaping, a few potted plants can add an extra layer of detail to your home. A few planters can add character to your garden and even serve as pieces of art. Choose plants that complement your existing landscape. Place potted plants at entryways and along paths. Use potted plants to help create symmetry in front of your home. Stack them to create dimension in spaces that are lacking. Potted plants are versatile and easy to maintain.

Define a Clear Path

Defined paths are important for safety and for the look of the home. First, make sure your paths are maintained. Fill cracks in your sidewalk, make sure stepping stones and pavers are secure. If budget and time allow, you could consider upgrading your walkway to give your home extra pizazz. Brick, pavers, stones, and tiles all make beautiful walkways. Make sure there are no shrubbery or plants encroaching on any part of the walkway.

Paint or Stain Trim and Porches

Peeling paint or damaged porch boards do not make a great first impression. Keep your trim and your porches as well cared for as you can. Clean your porch and entryway from dirt and leaves. If you want to give your home a fresh look, painting or staining trim and porches can be very effective. Change the color for a new look or give it a subtle facelift by refreshing areas that need it.

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