Best Home Upgrades for Pet Owners

Make your home functional and comfortable for all of the members of your family, including the pets! Adding just a few pet-friendly details to your home can make your life easier and keep your home beautiful. We pulled together some modern upgrades pet owners will enjoy having in their homes.

Built-in Pet Beds

Let’s face it, pets spend a majority of their time sleeping. Giving them their own designated space in their home will help them settle in. It may even make the couch seem less appealing to your fur baby! A built-in bed can fit seamlessly into your decor and save space.

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Crates that Double as Furniture

If your pet is crate trained, you probably have noticed that crates aren’t the most beautiful thing in your house. They also take up a lot of space. You can find many creates now that double as furniture. Use your crate as a nightstand or an end table. Crates made to look like furniture are much more attractive than your standard metal create.

Designer Pet Crates

Permanent Gates

Often times, we want to keep our pets out of certain rooms either permanently or temporarily. While temporary gates do their job, they often aren’t attractive or convenient to use. Some smart pets can even figure out a way around them. Permanent gates or a half door is a great alternative. If you know that you want to be able to keep your dog out of the kitchen most of the time, why not install a more attractive gate there?

Best Dog Gates

Pet Shower and Bathing Area

A clean pet equals a cleaner home. Having the right place to bathe your pet will really make life easier. Even if you visit the groomer regularly, you may need to freshen up Fido with a bath after a muddy day. Depending on the size of your pet, you can customize your tub, sink, or shower to accommodate pet washing. Simply adding a hand-held shower head to your walk-in shower can instantly create a convenient washing station. If you are able, adding a pet bathing area in your mudroom is perfect for keeping your floors clean all year!

Pet Shower Ideas

Pet Doors

Strategically placed pet doors can really simplify your life. Inevitably, as soon as you settle into the couch for your favorite show, the dog needs to go out. Problem solved with a pet door! Pet doors are also great for using indoors as well. Keep the dog away from the litter boxes by installing a pet door just big enough for the cat. Modern doggie doors also have locking features to prevent unwanted pests from getting in your home.

Pet Doors

Stow Away Pet Bowls and Built-in Food Storage

Add a pull-out drawer with built-in pet bowls to your kitchen or utility room. Easily feed your pet then put the food bowls away after mealtime and you’ll have no dirty dog bowls cluttering up the floor. You can also add a built-in food storage container to the cabinet conveniently located near the bowls. Keep food fresh and away from little mouths with the munchies!

Check out this awesome pet feeding station!

Outdoor Pet Fountain

Everybody loves a good water feature in their yard – why not make it pet-friendly? Pets absolutely need fresh water when they are outside. Pet fountains are cleaner and healthier than a bowl of stagnant water. You also won’t need to refill it and they can’t knock it over. Not to mention it can be a lot of fun for your pet!

Stain and Scratch Resistant Furnishings

Some of these upgrades won’t be for everyone, but you should consider upgrading to stain and scratch-resistant floors and paints if you have pets. Pets do create messes at times, especially if they are sick or getting into their senior years. Claws from an enthusiastic runner can leave scratches on beautiful new floors. Plan for any possibility and protect the beauty of your home. You’ll enjoy your pet more knowing your home was created with he or she in mind.

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