9 Home Projects for Winter

You may have already spent some time on home projects this year and for some, it’s become a full hobby. As winter approaches, it doesn’t mean that your home projects need to come to an end. There are plenty of items on the to-do list that can keep you busy throughout winter and some may even save you some money. Here is a list of 9 home project ideas perfect for the winter.

1. Winter Maintenance

Not always the most glamorous choice for home projects, but general winter maintenance around the house is vital for protecting your home from the harsh elements and also keeping your family safe. This includes things such as checking for drafts and sealing cracks around the house. Adding insulation to areas that need it such as the attic. Making sure all of your outdoor faucets have been winterized and all of your pipes are well insulated. This is also a great time to have your furnace/heating system checked by a professional and replace filters. Taking a day or two to run through these items before the freezing temperatures hit can save you a huge headache later and make your home more energy-efficient. Check out our previous blog on preparing your home for fall and winter for some more tips on winter maintenance. 

2. Remove Dead Trees

Tree removal services are highly sought after in the Spring and Summer, especially after big storms start to hit. If you have a tree that you know needs removed, get ahead of the game and schedule a removal now. It may save you some money by being off-season and you could be preventing potential damage should a major storm hit in the future.

3. Interior Painting

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for updating the look of your home and it’s a project you can easily do in the winter. It’s always a good idea to refer to the paint manufacturer’s guidelines on temperature and humidity before deciding when to paint, but generally, if you keep your home at a comfortable temperature you should be able to paint indoors. Painting isn’t just for the walls, refresh your interior doors, trim, railings, and cabinets. Take a look at your furniture and other finishings and see what you can give a fresh look. Get that old end table of the basement, repaint it and add it as a character piece to your decor. 

4. Replace Door and Cabinet Hardware

Ready to update the look of your home, but not ready to make major updates? Changing the hardware in your home can make a huge impact. Think of your door and cabinet hardware as the finishing touch to your home’s look. The style you choose really helps set the tone for your decor. Choose a design you love, but also keep in mind functionality and what will work best for your family. For example, if you have anyone with arthritis in your home, you may want to choose lever-style door handles or if you have young children in your home, you may want to choose handles that aren’t easily locked by mistake. 

5. Update Your Faucets

Updating faucets is another great way to easily improve your home. This is another area where you can show your style, yet you’ll want to think about functionality as well. There are many options these days for kitchen and bathroom faucets, from touchless technology to trendy designs. You can be as simple as you want or you can take this opportunity to really spruce up your kitchen or bath. To help get you thinking, Houzz showcases some of the latest trends in faucets.

6. Remodel the Bathroom

Depending on your situation, you may not want to commit to a huge remodel this winter such as a kitchen remodels, but it could be a great time to remodel that spare bathroom you’ve been talking about. Many contractors find themselves less busy in the winter, so you may be at an advantage of trying to hire one for your remodel. Or if you choose to tackle this one yourself, you can easily work on it in your free time while your other bathrooms are renovation free. 

7. Reorganize Your Closet

Typically, you might think of spring as the ideal time to clean out your closet, but winter is actually a great time to do this also.  It’s something you can easily do on a cold winter weekend. 

Imagine organizing your holiday sweaters while you watch Christmas movies. Not only can you make room for those holiday gifts, but now is a perfect time to donate your unwanted clothes to your local charity, especially any winter gear you want to part with. As you clear out the closet, look at the shelving, and think about what improvements can be made there. If you are able, update your closet with a new organizer to maximize your space. 

8. Update Lighting 

As the sun begins setting most days at 5:30 pm, what better time to think about your home’s lighting? Take some time to see what needs improvement. Are there areas of your home that need more light? Do you want a certain ambiance in some rooms that you just aren’t getting? Some of the problems can be solved by changing your lightbulb to an LED or you may want to completely update your fixture or add additional fixtures to your home. 

9. Install Smart Technology

Technology has overtaken all aspects of our life and the home has certainly not been left behind. Today you can have everything from Wifi controlled garage doors to refrigerators that remind you to buy milk. If you don’t have at least a few smart devices in your home, then you are missing out. Explore what technology could improve your life and your home. Add some of these items to your Christmas list and start upgrading your home this winter! Here are a few of the latest Smart technology recommendations from PC Magazine.

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