5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, one of the most important, and equally overlooked factors, is getting enough sleep. Lack of good, abundant sleep can deeply impact your health in a very negative way. We did some research and found what we thought are the most impactful 5 benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Improved Memory

Believe it or not, when you’re sleeping, your brain is organizing and storing memories for you. You’ll notice when you are suffering from a lack of sleep, your memory recall suffers. This is your brain telling you that you need rest.

Lessen Inflammation & Pain

When sleeping, your body is producing extra protein molecules that not only act as a painkiller, but your body is physically repairing itself at an accelerated rate. This is why your doctor tells you to get “plenty of rest” when treating you for any ailment.

Sharper Thinking

Sleep studies have shown that lack of sleep impairs cognition, attention, and decision making. You’re more likely to make odd trivial mistakes when you’re tired, like forgetting where you put your keys. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling fuzzy and easily confused.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Though you aren’t burning an abundance of calories in your sleep, an ample amount of sleep will produce the hormone leptin that actually curbs your appetite. Fatigued bodies behaviorally always crave an energy boost, and this is why we feel the need for sugary and high fatty foods when we’re tired.

Lower Stress

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body starts to produce elevated levels of hormones that induce stress. Regular and deep sleep will curve this natural chemical reaction, keeping your stress levels on track.

A Place to Rest

Having a space that is conducive to peaceful rest is fundamentally important to getting a good night’s sleep.  At Rockford Homes we pride ourselves on designing custom spaces for your every need. Visit one of our many model home locations and schedule a time with one of our new home consultants to lay out a custom master bedroom where you can always rest easy.

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