3 Tips to Getting That Rustic Look Without Going Overboard

Keeping things easy-going in the home can make for a nice change of pace when surrounded by the big city life. Many folks adopt rustic interior design to achieve this aesthetic contrast, however it’s very easy to overdo the look!

The rustic, faded style isn’t fading – rather, it is becoming more refined. So we, at Rockford Homes, are here to help guide you along the stone path journey as you look to channel a simpler time in your home.

Too Much Distressed Wood Can Be Stressful

Reclaimed barn wood and distressed wood are staples of any rustic-look home. However, if every wall, door and panel has the exact same weathered look, your kids may actually think they were born in a barn!

A rule of thumb: keep one room as the primary “homey space” – dens and living rooms are popular choices.

From here, you can supplement the primary space with slight stylistic nods throughout the home – lodge-look iron mirrors in the hallway, metal wire hangers for kitchen storage, functional pinewood organizers & cedar barrel end tables.

It’s Called the “Living” Room for a Reason

While channeling a less refined timeline, some homeowners will turn to other species for help – whether that be through taxidermy pieces, furs or a long-horn cattle skull placed above the mantel.

A rule of thumb: choose one!

A faux bear fur accents a velvet sofa perfectly. A trophy buck mount makes for a strong conversational piece. However, if you start compiling too many animal artifacts, this space is going to look less like a “living” room, more like a pet cemetery. And if you’re going to include an animal piece, remember to bring in additional cozy lighting to keep it comfortable and tasteful – yellow accent lights may work perfectly in this scenario.

Appropriate Decor; Not Cultural Appropriation

Falling in line with the theme of “simplifying your simple look,” we approach the topic of Native American culture and usage of artifacts as decoration. Some homeowners throw everything they know about early American aesthetics into their house, but there is a fine line between tasteful displays and tactless cultural appropriation.

A rule of thumb: If it’s not a complete celebration of culture, shy away from it completely.
5 items to avoid:
  • Tipis
  • Headdresses
  • Religious artifacts
  • Totem poles
  • Mass produced peace pipes
5 items to include:
  • Shadow boxes containing authentic heirlooms
  • Artwork created by Native American artists
  • Handcrafted quilts inspired by early American design
  • Banners, patches & memorabilia from historic movements
  • Canvas paintings of Native American public figures

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