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How To Remain Organized (& Sane) Throughout Your Move

Top 5 tips to making the new move seamless & less stressful for everyone No two words will earn you the sympathy of your friends and co-workers more than “we’re moving.” We, at Rockford Homes, want that process to be as painless as possible, so here are some...

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3 Best Home Improvements for Resale ROI

Homeowners looking to sell their home always want to put their best foot forward when it's time to put their home on the market. It can be easy for new sellers to make bad decisions when sinking money into those last minute home improvements. As a realtor, it's...

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3 Tips to Getting That Rustic Look Without Going Overboard

Keeping things easy-going in the home can make for a nice change of pace when surrounded by the big city life. Many folks adopt rustic interior design to achieve this aesthetic contrast, however it’s very easy to overdo the look! The rustic, faded style isn’t fading -...

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4 Staging Tips for Your Central Ohio Home

Small details can have a big impact on perception for Columbus-area homebuyers Spring is upon us, meaning the home-selling season is about to hit full swing in Columbus, Ohio. The competition for real estate can be stiff, so Rockford Homes is here to provide tricks to...

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5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, one of the most important, and equally overlooked factors, is getting enough sleep. Lack of good, abundant sleep can deeply impact your health in a very negative way. We did some research and found what we...

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7 Energy Saving Tips for Homes in 2018

Small household changes can add up to big annual savings on homeowner energy bills. $130 billion - that’s how much Americans collectively lose in one year on wasted energy. Are you wondering how to cut back on your annual energy losses and contribute less to that...

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The 3 Best Healthy Eating Diets of 2018

If you’re like the rest of us, you want to start the New Year off right by getting in shape and eating better. We all try new diets fads, and we can never really find that one diet that fits our lifestyle and we can sustain all year. Over 20% of New Year’s resolutions...

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The Hidden Gems of the Emerald City

Lesser-Known Fascinating Facts & Landmarks To Share With Your Clients That Make the City of Dublin, Ohio Even Better When it comes to Dublin, Ohio's reputation, most folks can easily point to the PGA Tour's Memorial Tournament at the Muirfield Village and the...

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The Four Best Home Gym Exercises

We all have the best intentions every New Year to get back in the gym and start that resolution work promptly on January 2nd. Then, as always, you get back to the inevitable work grind, the ground is frozen over and every free minute you have is devoted to hibernation...

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